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education international around armed history local career studies focused want
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william acree


  • I am well traveled.
  • I am academically serious as demonstrated by my consistently good grades.
  • I want to pursue a career in the military.
  • My education has focused on history and international relations.


  • The main thrust of my education has focused around history and international relations. As such I seek admission into the International studies program at North Carolina State university to further those studies while also giving me an opportunity to further my skills in foreign language. looking at the longer term my career goals focus around joining the armed forces and serving in the military in a professional capacity. I am firmly of the opinion that the continued pursuit of my education is vitally important to my ability to effectively carry out my hoped for ambitions and responsibilities in the armed forces.

Employment History


Teach and learn with Georgia / The Georgian Ministry of Education

Zubi, Samengrello

English Teacher

  • I was employed in a local primary school teaching English.
  • I lived with a local host family and gave them tri-weekly English lessons.

July 2011, October 2011


Marion, NC

Life Guard

June 2007/October 2007


Marion, NC

Bag Boy

October 2007- May 2008

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Marion, NC

ESL Teaching Volunteer



Appalachian State University

Boone, NC

History with a focus in international relations